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Liquid Wax

Liquid wax is a high-gloss seal with new recipe. It has a high proportion of high-strength carnauba wax, which protects ideally prepared surface and sealed. Liquid wax seal is a pure surface seal without abrasives, which can be processed on almost all smooth surfaces (disks are excluded). It contains no solvents and is suitable for the processing of plastic surfaces. Liquid wax seal can be applied quickly and easily – even under direct sunlight and warm coat. The product can be used for slide to medium dirt.

Exhibitor: CTP GmbH

Fuar Organizatörünüz

Fuar Organizatörünüz

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Ölbox GmbH
Stand numarası: B30
MWS Autochemie GmbH
Stand numarası: B34
Stand numarası: B108
Brechmann Handels GmbH & Co. KG
Stand numarası: B100
Stand numarası: B109
BU Automotive GmbH
Stand numarası: B135
Stand numarası: B125
V. Steinkopf Fahrzeugteile
Stand numarası: A109