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GAT. new products

It´s all in the detail! GAT presents a new product line for car detailing including products for sealant and polishing. GAT Nano.Top.Coat. is a long-term high-gloss paintwork sealant. The product is based on high-strength carnauba wax which perfectly protects and seals prepared paintwork surfaces against different weather effects. GAT Easy.Guard.Polish. is a polish which can be applied or sprayed. It should be used on plain and non-absorbent surfaces. GAT Easy. Guard. Polish. removes dust and slight soiling of all kind in a simple manner. It protects the treated surfaces permanently thanks to balanced mixture of carnauba wax.

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

Fuar Organizatörünüz

Fuar Organizatörünüz

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